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XGLOBAL Group Regulated Entities:


Speculate on the performance of stock markets around the world by trading a diverse variety of global indices.

Key features of trading Indices

  • Competitively priced indices with no commissions

  • Easily go long or short the stock market

  • Trade on margin with low cost financing @ 2.5% per annum

  • Low latency pricing derived from leading exchanges

Symbols and spreads

WS30Dow Jones Index2.311
SP500S&P 500 Index111
NAS100Nasdaq-100 Index111
DAX30German DAX 30 Index1.511
UK100FTSE 100 Index211
CAC40France 40 Index1.411
ESX50Euro Stoxx 50 Index2.511
ESP35Spain IBEX 35 Index711
HSI50Hang Seng Index1511
JPN225Nikkei 225 Index91100
AUS200ASX 200 index1.521
SMI20Switzerland 20 Index411
CNA50FTSE China A50 Index1021
* The advertised minimum spreads are indicative and the actual spreads received might differ. Spreads will be wider during choppy markets or at times of thin or abnormal liquidity such as holiday periods or close to major news events.
** Dividends will be applied on positions of cash indices to coincide with the ex-dividend date. When this occurs it will be a positive adjustment for long positions and negative for short positions.