Risk Warning: Trading CFDs is high risk due to the use of leverage. Clients should seek financial advice if unsure.

XGLOBAL Instruments


Speculate on currency demand, economic performance and government policy between nations by trading our Spot FX instruments.


Invest in the performance of the global equity markets by trading major European and US indices such as Dow Jones, DAX, NASDAQ and S&P500.


Leverage your funds against the price of Crude Oil and Natural Gas to take advantage of some of the most highly volatile instruments available on the market.

Precious Metals

We offer Gold and Silver trading in both Spot and Futures contracts with competitive pricing and low margin requirements. Short and long term trades are welcomed.

MetaTrader 5 Perfected

Configured by finance professionals, XGLOBAL’s MT5 offers a low latency feed and order execution without delay. On the desk or on the go, you stay in control with our full range of trading platforms.

Building a Win-Win Relationship

XGLOBAL is a provider of OTC derivatives for self-directed traders and also provides a portfolio management service. The firm is run by a team passionate in electronic trading that has decades of experience in the FX and Futures markets.

To ensure our goals are in alignment with our clients we maintain a strategy of covering net trade exposures with third party liquidity providers at all times. The result is that clients with profitable accounts over the longest term often end up being the most profitable clients for the firm.

We know it’s incredibly important to encourage and support our clients to produce trading profits. For that reason our aim is to provide a safe, fair and transparent platform along with personal support to help our clients meet their financial goals.

Risk Warning

CFDs are complex instruments and come with high risk due to the inherent leverage offered. You should consider whether you understand how these products work and whether you can afford to put your capital at risk. If unsure we recommend you seek independent financial advice.

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