Gold & Silver Trading

Precious metals liquidity is at an all time high and we are proud to be able to offer low cost derivative based trading for those wishing to speculate in the price of gold, silver, palladium, platinum and copper.

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CFD Trading is high risk. You may lose more than you invest.

Key benefits of online Gold & Silver trading with XGLOBAL

Get The Trading Tools You Need

Trading precious metals is highly attractive given the large price fluctuations that take place in a very short period of time. Traders need the right tools at their disposal to take advantage of such movements immediately. XGLOBAL FX provides a platform packed with charts and tools that allow its our clients to trade precious metals instantly, online with ease.

Online Gold Trading

Spot gold trading is an especially attractive trading instrument given the popularity gold has had with investors as a safe part of their investment portfolio in recent times. Buy and sell gold online through MT4 with low spreads at leverage instantly as prices fluctuate due to market movements or news, as its happens.

Precious Metals Trading with Low Spreads and No Commission

XGLOBAL FX is an ideal place for Gold and Silver trading considering that our clients will always receive competitive spreads, market execution and deep fills in a single shot. The Gold spread is 30 cents during normal market times and there is no commission charges or roll-overs to factor in. By improving the conditions on precious metals trading XGLOBAL FX allow its clients to maximise their potential levels of profitability.

Leverage Your Trading

Gold and Silver spot leverage is offered with up to 50:1 leverage. The XGLOBAL FX Metatrader 4 platform allows its our clients to place direct trades starting from 1 right up to 20,000 troy ounces in 1 ounce increments. This makes XGLOBAL a suitable place for both institutional and retail precious metals clients and dealers.

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