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XGLOBAL Group Regulated Entities:


Trade with us on behalf of an organization. Brokers, prop traders, businesses hedging currency risk or business owners simply wishing to invest surplus company money have all opened corporate accounts with us. Whatever your company needs are, please get in touch as we can support you.

XGLOBAL Corporate Account Advantages

The XGLOBAL Corporate Account provides legal entities the ability to trade our full variety of instruments through MT5 with competitive trading conditions.

Such conditions include

XGLOBAL Corporate Account Advantages

Simply request and complete our corporate account application form and send us the necessary documents in accordance with the checklist below:

For the legal entity:
  • Certificate of incorporation

  • Memorandum & articles of association

  • Shareholder certificate(s)

  • Official documentation showing director(s), secretary and registered office

  • Board of Directors resolution with decision to open account and nominate the account operator.

  • Bank statement (dated within the last 6 months)

  • LEI number

For directors and shareholders owning 10% or more:
  • Passport copy

  • Utility bill or bank statement