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XGLOBAL Group Regulated Entities:

General Bonus Terms

In the event a bonus is provided to any client and it is not part of a promotion that contains specific terms the below terms will apply.

General Bonus Terms & Conditions

  1. The bonus offered as a percentage of a deposit or provided with no deposit.
  2. The bonus is run by and only available to clients of XGLOBAL FX Ltd (VFSC).
  3. The bonus works towards the margin and can be lost.
  4. If the bonus is lost and then a real deposit is made, the client will be eligible to withdraw their entire deposit plus/minus any profit and loss incurred as a result of trading after their deposit.
  5. The bonus is not withdrawable.
  6. Only one bonus per client.
  7. The bonus only available to clients that are residents of South Africa.
  8. XGLOBAL will cancel the bonus when a withdrawal is requested.
  9. XGLOBAL may remove the bonus after 60 days has passed; in case the bonus is not removed, client support can advise how long the bonus will be available for.
  10. XGLOBAL will not always cover withdrawal costs when profits generated from trading a “no deposit bonus” is withdrawn. This clause does not apply to “deposit bonuses”.
  11. XGLOBAL FX Ltd (VFSC) is not obliged to give the bonus to any client. The firm may use is discretion when deciding if it wants to give a bonus to any particular client and may decide not to for any reason.
  12. Hedging between two different accounts with bonuses is strictly forbidden. Action could be taken in cases of clear abuse such as closing hedged positions, reversing pnl for hedged accounts and terminating access to the trading account(s).
  13. XGLOBAL FX Ltd (VFSC) reserves the right to cancel the bonus given to a client at any time.
  14. Profits earned from trading a “no deposit bonus” can be withdrawn, subject to a minimum withdrawal of 200 USD or 3,000 ZAR being made. This restriction is lifted once a real deposit has been made of at least 100 USD equivalent or 1,500 ZAR. This clause does not apply to “deposit bonuses”.
  15. If a real deposit is made but no trading takes place after the deposit then XGLOBAL will not cover the costs of deposit and withdrawals. This restriction is lifted once the client meets the trade volume requirements following a deposit, which are set out in the Deposit Terms and detailed on the deposit page:
  16. When no deposit has taken place, profits earned from trading a “no deposit bonus” will only be sent by bank wire. If a deposit that meets the minimum deposit requirement takes place this restriction is lifted, however withdrawal of profits is not supported by all payment methods. This clause does not apply to “deposit bonuses”.