Up to $1,000 Deposit Bonus

* Based on a 50% bonus for the first $2,000 deposited

  • 50% bonus on all deposits during promotion period
  • Bonus can be converted to withdrawable balance
  • Offer runs 1st - 31st May, 2021

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CFD Trading is high risk. You may lose more than you invest.

Get a boost from XGLOBAL

XGLOBAL is offering clients a 50% bonus on all deposits that take place in May 2021, up to a maximum bonus amount of $1,000. The firm wants to give new clients the warmest welcome to its trading community while also rewarding existing clients. The readily accessible bonus allow XGLOBAL clients to trade with more margin than they deposited.

How to claim your deposit bonus

Existing clients will automatically receive a bonus when they make a deposit during the promotion period. If uncertain clients are advised to contact their relationship manager.

New clients can claim their deposit bonus, as laid out in the steps below:


Click here to register for a real account


Complete the KYC form and upload your documents.


Receive your trading account.


Deposit using any deposit method.


Your 25% deposit bonus will be credited.

Our client support team are available to answers any questions you have about the bonus or opening an account. Contact us directly by opening a ticket through the client area or send us an email at clientsupport@xglobalfx.com.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The bonus offered is a 50% deposit bonus.
  2. The bonus is offered on all deposits throughout May, provided the client deposits no more than $2,000.
  3. In the first 60 days the bonus can be converted to real withdrawable money by trading volume. 1.00 USD is converted per round turn lot traded in FX, metals or energies. 0.10 USD is converted per round turn lot traded in cash indices.
  4. The bonus is run by and only available to clients of XGLOBAL FX Ltd (VFSC).
  5. The bonus is available for new and existing clients.
  6. The bonus works towards the margin and can be lost.
  7. The bonus is not withdrawable if not converted by trading volume.
  8. The bonus is not available to clients that are residents of Lebanon.
  9. XGLOBAL will cancel the bonus when a withdrawal is requested.
  10. XGLOBAL may remove the bonus after 60 days has passed; in case the bonus is not removed client support can advise how long the bonus will be available for.
  11. The bonus will be applied to accounts as a credit in MetaTrader.
  12. The maximum bonus redeemable per client during the promotion period is $1,000.
  13. XGLOBAL FX Ltd (VFSC) is not obliged to give the bonus to any client. The firm may use is discretion when deciding if it wants to give a bonus to any particular client and may decide not to for any reason.
  14. Hedging between two different accounts with bonuses is strictly forbidden. Action could be taken in cases of clear abuse such as closing hedged positions, reversing pnl for hedged accounts and terminating access to the trading account(s).
  15. XGLOBAL FX Ltd (VFSC) reserves the right to cancel the bonus given to a client at any time.

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