Forex Battle Competition

Demo Contest: 12th - 23rd July 2021
Total Competition prize around
12,000 USD

Winners in Total

How Does It Work?

The trader with the most profits wins. To participate please fill out the form below and you will receive an email with instructions on how to get started. Then you will compete for one of the 100 prizes. Good luck!

Trading in demo accounts for training
before the real battle starts
A real competition will follow
the demo competition

100 Winners in total

1st place $3,000
2nd place $2,000
3rd place $1,000
→ 4th place - $750
→ 5th place - $500
→ 6-10 place - $250
→ 11-30 place - $50
→and 70 prizes of $30, given randomly

Let’s see what you can do!

Terms and conditions

  1. Accounts that have the highest equity at the end of the competition win, in descending order from highest equity to lowest.
  2. 100 participants are guaranteed to win a prize.
  3. Starting demo balance provided for the contest will be 100,000 USD.
  4. Only one account per individual.
  5. To enter the demo contest each trader needs to fill out the registration form, then open an MT5 demo account (email and mobile phone number need to be verified).
  6. To receive prize money a winner needs to open and validate a real trading account so prize money can be credited.
  7. Profits generated from prize money can be withdrawn, subject to minimum withdrawal limits being met.
  8. Prize money can be withdrawn after completing 1 round trip lot for every 2.50 USD to be withdrawn.
  9. When no deposit has taken place, profits earned from trading the prize will only be sent by bank wire. If a deposit that meets the minimum deposit requirement takes place this restriction is lifted, however withdrawal of profits is not supported by all payment methods.
  10. The prize will be cancelled if a withdrawal or any internal transfer takes place.
  11. Account leverage will be set to 100:1 for all participants.
  12. All open orders need to be closed before the end of the competition or they will closed automatically
  13. One IP address per account.
  14. All normal strategies and Expert Advisors are allowed.
  15. Hedging between two or more participating accounts is not allowed.
  16. XGLOBAL reserves the right to disqualify any contestant that violates its terms and conditions, or is suspected to be cheating.
  17. Results will be posted on our website and other websites for advertising purposes. Personal details will be kept confidential.
  18. Prizes may be limited to 50 per country.
  19. Contest participants may not be eligible for a no deposit bonus, should it be offered by the firm.
  20. If a participant does not collect their prize within 60 days it will become void.

XGLOBAL FX Ltd is an international broker regulated by VFSC (Vanuatu Financial Services
Commission) that holds a Dealer in Securities license with registration number 15062.

The firms registered office is at First Floor, Icount Building, Kumul Highway, Port Vila,
Efate, Vanuatu and its official website is https://www.xglobalfx.com.